Paul Ygartua – International Contemporary Artist
New Native Masks – Gallery
New Native Masks - Gallery

Some new work has been posted in this new section for all West Coast Native Masks. We hope you all enjoy the vibrant colours and strong spirits that are expressed by each one. These are truly special — capturing the Indomitable Spirit of the West Coast Natives of Canada. View Paul’s latest creations. Indomitable Spirits […]

New Cities of the World – Gallery
New Cities of the World - Gallery

We have a new section just opened this week with Paul’s – Cities of the World skylines.  These amazing pieces cover some of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world including, New York, Paris, London and Hong Kong. To view the full gallery please click here. Paul’s fascination with the Cities of the […]

New Mural – Basque Country
New Mural - Basque Country

Last summer we spent some time in the Basque Country as we do every year with only one difference this year.  Paul was honored to be chosen by the city of Gorliz to paint a master piece of epic proportion.  It was a dream come true for Paul as this small town once a village […]